CONDOR TK3000 Removable Mount Kit for PS1500 PS 1500


CONDOR TK3000 Removable Mount Kit for PS1500 PS 1500!!!!!!

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This is the CONDOR Removable Motorcycle Wheel Chock Adapter Kit TK-3000, which converts your stationary PS1500 PitStop into a Removable PitStop chock.

Made in the USA by Technical Components Development & Designs, INC.





Our CONDOR® adaptor works on all forms of transport platforms such as trailers and flatbeds. With the help of the CONDOR® Adaptor Kit, the CONDOR® Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop is easily attached and detached from any trailer, flatbed or pickup truck. Attaching and detaching takes only a few seconds, it’s as simple as removing the locking wing bolt and sliding the Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop out of the TK3000 bracket keyway. With the Trailer-Stop and Adaptor Kit, Tying down a motorcycle becomes a simple and an easy task for one person. In most cases, the motorcycle needs only to be tied down with two straps, one on either side with attachments towards the middle or the rear of the motorcycle. Both straps would only need to push the motorcycle down and forward towards the locking direction of the TK3000 keyway bracket. You will be amazed at how secure and safe your ride will be once tied down in the CONDOR® Trailer-Stop. The Condor® Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop accommodates bikes weighing up to 2400 lbs, disconnects in seconds and is low profile.


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