FSA NEV-R-ADJUST Right Hand 12″ ELECTRIC Brake Assembly 5 Hole Mount 5,6,7K axles


23-465: Rightt Hand 12″ Electric Brake FSA NEV-R-ADJUST Assembly 5 Hole Mount 5,6,7K axles

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 12″ x 2″ FSA NEV-R-ADJUST Electric Brake Assembly for Right Hand Side (Driver).

Fits all 5200 – 7000 Axles using 5 Bolt

Assembly includes 5 Hole Back Plate, Pads, magnet, springs, complete.

It is designed to be used on an axle from 5200 to 7000 lbs.

It features the common 5 holes backplate. This can be used with 6 or 8 lug hubs.

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Weight 20 lbs